• HOW DO I MAKE AN APPOINTMENT?    I work by appointment only and always prefer an in person consultation before starting any new tattoo.  At your consultation we will discuss ideas, options, size, placement, pricing, etc.  I can usually get you scheduled for a consultation with a few weeks.  Consultations are free, but I do require a non-refundable deposit in order to book a tattoo appointment.  Please note that many tattoos will take multiple sessions to complete and I prefer not start a project unless we are both committed to finishing it.  So I ask that you commit to booking as many sessions as it will take to complete the tattoo in a timely manner.  To schedule an appointment, online please see my BOOKING page.  Or if you prefer, you can always EMAIL ME and my assistant will be happy to get you on my calendar the old school way!  Please note: I am almost always with a client at the shop (lovely clients who have waited patiently for their reserved time), so it is very rare to reach me by phone or by stopping in.  Online booking is the fastest method and email is the only alternate option at this time.


  • HOW LONG IS YOUR WAITLIST?   My schedule can get pretty crazy but I try to accommodate everyone as best as possible. Existing clients and large tattoos with continuing sessions get first priority for tattoo sessions and new clients can expect a wait around 4-6 months before their first session.  Wait time for a consultation is usually only about 1-3 weeks.


  • DO YOU DO SMALL TATTOOS OR TATTOOS IN OTHER STYLES? No tattoo is too large or small for me and I tattoo in practically every style, (although I excel in my specialty style and subject matters).    If you are interested in getting a tattoo outside of my style, I highly suggest taking a look at the artist portfolios at my shop RABBLE ROUSER TATTOO to see if one of our very talented tattooers has a style that better matches your idea.  They are each extremely experienced, friendly, professional, and skilled and will be able to book you much sooner!  Or if you are willing to wait for an appointment with me, I am happy to say yes to almost any tattoo.


  • WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING FOR MY CONSULTATION?    Please arrive to your consultation ready to discuss the details of your tattoo idea, including the concept, placement, size, etc.  Bring along any reference photos to help me understand visually what you have in mind.  If your tattoo will be drawn up custom, please bring printed pictures for inspiration if you have them.  Don't worry about finding a picture of your exact idea, often you wont be able to find your perfect tattoo idea because it doesn't exist yet...until I create it for you!  I will take a ton of notes and some photos and a tracing of where the tattoo will be placed and then I will draw on my own time as your tattoo appointment date approaches (you'll get to see it on the day of your tattoo!). Consultations are free and no obligation, but if you choose to move forward and schedule an appointment to get tattooed please be prepared to leave a deposit to secure your appointment date. 


  • WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO PREPARE FOR MY APPOINTMENT?     Please arrive on time for your appointment and dressed comfortable and appropriate for the tattoo (wear something that will easily access the area being tattooed).  Be sure to get a good night's rest the night before and eat a full healthy meal 2-4 hours prior to your appointment.  Bring water, as you may be at the studio for many hours and will want to stay hydrated.   The more comfortable your body is, the more comfortable and relaxed you will be for your tattoo.  Do not arrive intoxicated, drunk, high, or medicated and do not drink heavily the day before your appointment (if you are intoxicated we will not tattoo you).  You must present a valid state or government issued ID to get tattooed.  You may bring a guest for support, but no more than one guest.  Please note that children and pets are not permitted in the tattoo studio at any time.


  • HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE?    My hourly rate is $175/hour for new tattoos or $200/hour for cover-ups and reworks.  My minimum charge for any tattoo (even teeny tiny ones) is $120.  How long a tattoo will take all depends on many different factors including size, placement, and details.  In general most of my pinups under about 8" high placed on an arm or leg will take me somewhere between 4-6 hours to complete.  Large tattoos like sleeves and backpieces are usually somewhere between 25-45 hours in total.  You are charged only for actual tattoo time, not drawing time, set up, clean up, breaks, etc.


  • WHAT IS YOUR DEPOSIT POLICY?    A deposit of $50-$200 is required to book any tattoo appointment (the bigger the tattoo, the bigger the deposit). Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable to another artist or client.  Deposits are held for up to 2 years or until the tattoo is completed, whichever comes first.  Your deposit will be applied toward the final cost of your tattoo at your final session unless your deposit is forfeited.  Deposits will be forfeited if you no-show or cancel or reschedule an appointment without at least 48 hours advance notice.  Deposits are forfeited if you reschedule an appointment more than twice. Deposits are forfeited if more than 6 months pass without an appointment or communication. Deposits are forfeited if you make excessive and/or last minute changes to your idea or design. Deposits are forfeited if you arrive more than 30 minutes late for your appointment or arrive unable to be tattooed (intoxicated, sunburned, without ID, etc).  Deposits are forfeited if your tattoo is not completed within 2 years.  If a deposit is forfeited, you will be required to leave a new deposit to book another appointment. Sorry for all of the rules, but these policies are meant to ensure that you are as dedicated to the completion of your tattoo as I am. 


  • CAN I GET ON YOUR CANCELLATION CALL LIST/WAITLIST?  In the event that I get a last minute opening, I am happy to fill that spot.  Existing clients and clients continuing large pieces always get first priority, but if you are local and have a flexible schedule and would like to be added to the list for a last minute opening, please let me know.  Keep in mind, if I haven't drawn your tattoo yet, you probably won't get called early though.  (Sad face.)


  • HOW DO I TAKE CARE OF MY NEW TATTOO?    Please visit the aftercare page for detailed instructions on caring for your new tattoo.


  • CAN I PURCHASE A GIFT CERTIFICATE?    Sure thing!  Just click here to purchase a gift certificate.


  • CAN I PAY FOR MY DEPOSIT ONLINE?  Absolutely!  Please click here to pay for your deposit.